Winter décor | Cosy up your home for the cold season with these easy tips

With the winter months upon us, it is time to consider changing up your home décor to capture the spirit of the season. For many people the thought of winter sends chills down the spine, not to mention the onset of the winter blues. So here are some top tips to brighten things up at [...]

Why buy Custom Made Blinds vs Ready-Made Blinds?

A question often asked is "why should I but custom made blinds"? here’s why. We’ve found over our 30 plus in years in the business of making custom blinds, that there are four major benefits of investing in blinds made in our factory here in Auckland. 1. Quality. Custom made blinds assure you quality that [...]

Everything You Need To Know About Blinds For Bedroom Windows

When it comes to blinds for bedroom windows, we believe privacy is what you need to consider first. The bedroom is your sanctuary and calm oasis from the days’ hurly burly. It is essential that your bedroom is protected from the outside. Starting with what type of blinds for bedroom windows here are our top [...]

What are the best window blinds for modern homes?

A question we get often – "what sort of window blinds should I put into my modern home"? The choices are varied, but the best thing about a window blinds for modern home is that if you’re ready to experiment with colours or patterns then your options are endless. The right modern window blinds can [...]

Top Tips For Blind Cleaning and Maintenance

So, you’ve just had your brand-new blinds installed by Ven-lu-ree Blind Services – time to enjoy them. The key to keeping them looking fresh and beautiful will be maintaining and keeping them clean on a regular basis. Blind cleaning can easily be done as part of your normal home cleaning routine, but we highly recommend [...]

Spring into action with these window blinds ideas for your home

Spring is the perfect time to update and refresh your living spaces by adding some new window blinds. No one will argue that winter and lockdown has been a drag and we all need some cheering up. Updating your home decor, including a change in your window dressing, is one way to breathe freshness into [...]

Why Buying New Zealand Made is So Important

If it is quality you’’re after and blinds that last you a lifetime, you need to invest in New Zealand made blinds. At Ven-lu-ree Blind Services we only sell Kiwi made products and have been doing so for more than 30 years. Whilst we source high quality component parts from around the world, every blind

Blind repairs and cleaning: what you need to know

Not sure how often to get you blinds professionally cleaned? Or how to survive while they’re away getting repaired cleaned? We answer your most common questions. When we started out, nearly 30 years ago, aluminum blinds were all the rage and we saw a gap in the market to offer Auckland's only blind repairs and [...]

Wooden blinds or roller blinds? What’s right for your home?

Choosing the right look and window treatment for your number one asset, your home, can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the “eye” for it. There are some very simple steps you can take to create the perfect space, especially when it comes to window treatments. Add to this the Design Consultation [...]

What’s hot in home Interiors for 2021?

Thinking of updating your window blinds or changing the décor around home? Here’s what’s hot in the world of home interiors colours.