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Cleaning and Repairs

Cleaning 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

We offer a top class, professional laundering service for all our customers at the fantastic price of $20 per venetian blind (*plus callout fee of $69) – regardless of size!
One of our expert Blind Technicians remove all Blinds from your windows in the morning and return them cleaned &/or repaired the same day!!
It couldn't be easier or faster!! 

Or you are welcome to drop them into our factory which is located at 18 Olive Road Penrose for a flat fee of $20 per blind regardless of size (* Saving the callout fee).
Our factory uses only Biodegradable Cleaners to ensure we do our best to help protect the environment.

Cleaning Wood-look/Creation Wood Blinds

Woodlook Blinds are not sensitive to water like a Natural Wooden Blind, so therefore we launder these blinds using our professional venetian cleaning process. The blinds will be returned to you cleaned, dried and lubricated!

The cost of cleaning each blind is a very reasonable price of $36 each, (plus callout fee). 
These often heavier blinds can be difficult to remove & reinstall , so let us take care of the whole process! We will collect them from you in the morning and retinstall them later the same day!
Or if you wish to drop them into our Factory/Showroom you'll save the callout fee & pay only $38 per blind - regardless of the size.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wooden Blind cleaning requires that extra bit of T.L.C, each slat is hand cleaned and polished with a solution designed to enhance the finish of the wood and has natural oils and emulsifiers.
We are proud to also offer these on a same day turn-around,  our cleaning cost for Wooden Blinds is only $46 each, (plus callout fee of $69).
Like our other products -  you are free to drop them into us in Penrose for $48 each / saving the $69 callout charge.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

Vertical blind fabric requires soaking to lift all the underlying dirt and dust then drying naturally is imperative to ensure the blind is not damaged. This means your vertical will be with us for approx 5 working days.
One of our experienced technicians will remove your blind/s and re-install them for you when the launder is complete. The cost of cleaning is $2.50 per blade, (*plus callout fee) and if you wish to drop them into our factory/showroom we are at 18 Olive Road in Penrose for a very reasonable cost of $2.70 per blade.

Cleaning Roller and Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Laundering Roller and Sunscreen Blinds involves using a specifically formulated solution designed to clean the fabric without dis-colouring or harming it in any way.
They are also left to naturally dry, so are returned to you in approx 5 working days.
The cost is $62.00 per blind (*plus callout fee) for the FULL cleaning service.
Or drop in / then pickup  from us at 18 Olive Road, Penrose for a flat price of $64 per Roller Blind. 


Repairs on all types of blinds vary in cost depending on the individual problem or broken part needing replacement. Our trained customer service staff are happy to give you an estimate over the phone, then will arrange a Service Technician to visit your home or business on the next available day.

Phone or email us now for an estimate or book to have those repairs done on 00116495713153.

Quotations are available on-site for larger cleaning and repair jobs if preferred.
If you would like to speak with us personally, please come into our Factory/Showroom, and we will take care of  your broken or dirty blind/s.
We are located at 18 Olive Road,  Penrose,  Auckland.


Curtain Cleaning or Repairs please visit  www.curtainclinic.co.nz

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